Thursday 5 April 2012

SBS Freight forwarders to access real-time rail service information

SBS LOGISTICS has been part of the project team responsible for developing Freightarranger, a secure online portal which will enable the freight forwarding community to gain instant access to details of available routes, schedules, timings, availability and pricing of rail services.

Freight forwarding is a service used by companies that deal in international or multi-national import and export. While the  Freight Forwarding  doesn't actually move the freight itself, it acts as an intermediary between the client and various transportation services. Sending products from one international destination to another can involve a multitude of carriers, requirements and legalities. A freight forwarding service handles the considerable logistics of this task for the client, relieving what would otherwise be a formidable burden.
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Wednesday 4 April 2012

SBS LOGISTICS Provided Packing & Moving Services

SBS LOGISTICS committed, at all cost, to providing the best logistics service this industry has to offer. To provide innovative and cost effective logistical solutions that meet customers' specialized needs. To deliver a high value service to our customers focusing on reliability, efficiency and unwavering dedication to quality.

Moving Thinking of taking a new job abroad? Maybe you're taking your career in a new direction? Or maybe you're ready to explore new countries and cultures, with or without kids in town? Perhaps your spouse or "significant other" is being relocated and you're ready to explore employment opportunities for yourself in the same country? Packing and Moving for  takes a great deal of time and effort to coordinate.
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Thursday 1 March 2012

SBS Logistics provides procurement, handling and freight forwarding services.

SBS LOGISTICS has a network branches & servicing stations with a staff power to ensure timely and safe deliveries.
SBS LOGISTICS specializes in forwarding and connectivity through Train, Air and surface for effective connections and timely delivery of your shipments through Multi Modal Transportation, which involves transportation by Road to ensure tailor-made flexible services as per the customer's requirements.

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